I-Gen Resources Sdn Bhd
, a company registered in Malaysia is principally involved in the fire protection industry. Over the years, I-Gen has secured various distribution rights for award winning fire protection products like “FirePro” aerosol fire extinguishing system, “Fike – Fireraser” modular clean agent system, “ICAM” highly sensitive smoke detectors, “Powermoon” search and rescue luminaries and “Ziton” addressable fire alarm systems.

The pillar and nerve of the company is built around the solid experience of the management team comprising professionals in the field of marketing, engineering, finance, and administration and information technology. Due to this teamwork, I-Gen has established itself a strong network spanning peninsular and east Malaysia covering Sabah and Sarawak and also making inroads into Indonesia and Brunei. With this, I-Gen visions to be the market leader in the fire safety industry in Malaysia in the near future.

To further strengthen the organization structure of the company and to be more diversified, I-Gen have also formed and invested in the following companies termed as business units: -

I-Gen Resources Sdn Bhd – Full fledge fire engineering company
Asia Iras Holdings Sdn Bhd – Investment Holding Company
Asia Iras Marketing Sdn Bhd – Local Distribution Network
Click Soft Technologies – Information Technology
Technixius Sdn Bhd – Office Automation
Creative Ample Sdn Bhd – Engineering Services
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